Airofloat Stabilizers are inflatable tubes for small boats. Boat with Airofloat stabilizers
stability They are a tough product for improved stability and buoyancy.
Once installed, Airofloat stabilizers can easily be taken on or off. Once installed, Airofloat stabilizers can be taken on or off.
Buoyancy They improve the bouyancy of the boat.

Airofloat stabilizers are made of a strong and durable outer bag with an airtight and flexible inner bladder. The secret of producing an economic, tough, airtight stabilizer lies in the twin skin system.

Kit includes:
  • Outer bags ( 2 )
  • Bladders ( 2 )
  • Non-return inflation valves ( 2 )
  • Aluminium rails ( 4 )
  • Retaining clips ( 2 )
  • Stainless steel bolts
  • Nylon lock nuts and washers
  • Fitting instructions & repair kit.
Boat Size Airofloat Size
small boat with airofloats 2.4 - 3.5 metre 2 metre
medium boat with airofloats 3.3 - 4 metre 2.5 metre
big boat with airofloats 3.8 - 4.4 metre 3 metre
* Custom sizes and colours are available

Suitable for: tinnies, fibreglass boats, punts & canoes, fishing, white water, yacht tender & clubs.

Easy to install
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